Implant-based breast augmentation is mainly performed for three reasons:

  • Reconstructive surgery due to loss of tissues following cancer therapy
  • Desire for improved aesthetic appearance (eg deformity / breast feeding)
  • Desire to enlarge breast volume

Women undergoing breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons expect that the surgical intervention shall not be recognizable, thus indicating that the post-surgical result should look truly natural and harmonious. Applying currently available STANDARD silicone gel breast implants, this challenging demand is only achievable under certain anatomical conditions. In many cases however, results look rather artificial and unnatural (“fake breasts”), which impairs patients’ satisfaction and keeps many women in need away from undergoing this procedure.



In order to achieve more natural and harmonious outcome after breast augmentation, an experienced Swiss Plastic Surgeon has developed a new process to provide “made-to-measure” breast implants. This process includes an upper body scan followed by the creation of 3D simulations meeting the specific desire of the patient thus finalized by the design and production of corresponding personalized implants (DIVA).

 As per today, 35 women were provided with “made-to-measure” breast implants by the inventor. Their 100% satisfaction rate documents the effectiveness of the method. Furthermore, 95% of the women stated that it was worthwhile to choose this new procedure, although it exceeded the cost of the standard procedure. Currently, no other supplier with a similar approach is identified. It is planned to further establish and leverage his unique selling proposition (USP) by a staged approach to achieve a dynamic market penetration.



For Women

  • natural and harmonious aesthetic improvement usually not achieved with today’s standard procedure
  • high satisfaction rate due to fulfillment of individual, emotional and medical requirements
  • individual treatment and made-to-measure, „perfect“ care

For Surgeons

  • differentiation from local competition and attractive extension of treatment portfolio
  • access to a financially lucrative niche
  • recruiting additional patients with an increased conversion rate


1.8 mio. breast augmentations were globally performed in 2018. This is the most frequently applied intervention in plastic surgery. Market size is approx. CHF 1.4 Mrd., CAGR is an estimated 6%. None of the current market players offers a made-to-measure solution. We are confident to increase market penetration rapidly and established a collaboration with CRISALIX, the first software to offer 3D online visualization for any aesthetic procedure based on standard photos or scans (www.crisalix.com).


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