Navigation in times of rapid Change...

...for medtech and dental corporations.

navigation means to determine the current position, to define the target and to navigate reaching the target. this is even more complex when we have to embrace the unknown, when locations are ambiguous, when targets are moving and approaches are manifold.

REF: Malik F (2015): Navigieren in Zeiten des Umbruchs. CAMPUS; Frankfurt, ISBN.

the medtech industry is facing multiple challenges, ranging from new sets of regulatory requirements, to increasing margin pressures or the war for talent. in change situations, little knowledge can be dangerous and limited understanding can be catastrophic. our industry is part of a highly dynamic and increasingly complex operating environment. technologies and products, along with industries they support and serve, are converging. to survive and prosper, organizations must adopt strategies that realistically reflect their ability to manage multiple future scenarios.
REF: Marchetti C (1971): Fifty-Year Pulsations in Human Affairs. Futures 17(3); 376-388.



we are not typical business advisors. or consultants. or horse whisperers. or jesters...

based on our backgrounds as entrepreneurs, we see our role as navigators, supporting corporate management to fully activate existing potentials and/or to identify and harvest new ones. at the end,  we support an organization finding the way through the medetch jungle. this indicates clearly that you are in the driver seat. you decide and you steer.


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