Brothers in arms: Imitation, Inspiration and Innovation.

innovation is one key to success. for us however, innovation always starts with a profound analysis, with understanding, and like it or not: with imitation. a business model describes how an organization creates and captures value. as simple as that. no rocket science. but let's face it...

...generating, implementing and adapting a business model successfully to a changing market is arguably one of the hardest tasks of leadership. this is one of the rather specific disciplines where we are able to support based on systemization, frameworks and implemented projects.

besides, we believe in design. more specifically, in design-thinking. because design-thinking is actually a systematic approach to problem-solving. it starts with clients and the ability to support them improving the performance of their organization. but it also acknowledges that we will probably not get it right in the first attempt. design is all about action, while business is too often about planning. ask yourself: how many of your business plans have come to reality?? i mean like 80% or more - probably none. yes we know very well that planning as a process is important, while the plan is nothing. so we keep going, and we try to put business and design together - because like most opposites - they have a lot to offer to each other.


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...and yes, we think wildlife should be protected. all animal pictures shown on this website by courtesy of Nick Brandt.

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