strategy means making clear choices

a corporate strategy defines the future directions of an organization for many years to come. to specify not only target market directions but also competitive advantages both at the level of offers and resources. the process of defining a corporate strategy is an important and at times, a rather complex task. especially in times of rapid change e. g. globalization, digitization, new regulatory framework, etc.   a clear corporate strategy properly executed with underlying tactics is one key to future success.

our approach is based on a simple model derived from the essence of multiple project experiences. once your team has done such a project in cooperation with us, you will be able to make extensions and revisions on your own based on our simple teamwork principle: don't show me, involve me.


  • framework
  • targets
  • guidelines, rules, policies
  • vision / mission


  • organization
  • stakeholders
  • segmentation
  • competition
  • markets
  • business eco system


  • structured interviews, internal
  • culture analysis
    Cameron & Quinn
  • structured interviews,
  • industry analysis


  • value proposition
  • SWOT Analysis 1
  • core competencies


  • strategic options
  • SWOT analysis 2
  • business model canvas

after reaching the final decision, a business plan implementing the corporate strategy is developed. in close exchange and cooperation, each department derives its specific road map / action plan including resources, intermediate targets and deadlines. strategy and action plans should be reviewed periodically.


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