based on over three decades of strategic and operative experiences and corporate consulting, it is simply not enough for us to just deliver a new strategy, a different business model or a set of recommendations.

in order to make your investment a sustainable success, we wish to be involved in the implementation phase taking on the responsibility for action plans involving tactics and reaching goals together with your people. it therefore seems quite natural that besides applying classic consulting methodologies and best practices, we are also offering interim-management and related services.


we are a pool of independent freelancers with specific expertise in a considerable range of medtech disciplines. we are linked with each other in a global competence network, offering customers tailored know-how while we foster mutual development and growth.



our goals are simple and clear, our objectives are resolute and tangible. we are a team of navigators and entrepreneurs at heart who strongly believe that success can be achieved through creative problem-solving, smart tactics and long-term thinking.


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Höhenweg 13

CH-5023 Biberstein / AG

+41(0)798 932 996


...and yes, we think wildlife should be protected. all animal pictures shown on this website by courtesy of Nick Brandt.

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