Marketing is a top priority

in our view, today's marketing is often boring, fading, mainstream, imitating.... but it should rather be tempting, story-telling, provocative, disruptive and overall: it should offer a crystal-clear position and image (in the mind of your customers, not in your's).


because it is the only way that people will remember you (considering all the noise around them...)! quite simple, isn't it? it is the job of marketing to tell the world that you are not everything to everybody.

well, where do we start? consumer insight? proposition? position (brand, product, services)? target group? reasons why? looks like a hell lot of work!

want to know the secret code of marketing?

"differentiation + relevance"

... but why do so many "marketers" ignore this simple formula? no clue. check it out with VIRGIN, DYSON, IWC, RED BULL, SWATCH, etc. - yep, there are a few to be looked at closer. do you think this is not representing the medtech industry? why not? one thing is certain - with us, your marketing department will burn it's midnight oil.


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