From 2020 - 2023, I was editor and producer of TOP GEAR, a magazine to inspire discerning orthodontists. Our goal was to create a magazine diving into the world of orthodontics and people who are passionate about it. Funny though, we did not write much about orthodontics - except for some literature summaries or a few clinical cases - we explored Switzerland and its traditions; we introduced highly talented professionals from completely different fields e. g. Struther Watchmakers or Bellerby Globemakers; or we introduced innovative female entrepreneurs. All in all, producing this high quality magazine was a real joy and motivation. My thanks go to Jan Peters (Kaiseraugst, AG) who is a very competend and experienced editor, Jacqueline Graf (St. Gallen), she is a talented graphic designer with nerves of steel and last but not least, the print shop APPENZELLER DRUCKEREI, who kept promises and deadlines at all costs.


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...and yes, we think wildlife should be protected. all animal pictures shown on this website by courtesy of Nick Brandt.

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